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Graphical Interface Editor

The GEditor is a Glass tool which simplifies the design of graphical interfaces and their interaction with the Virtual Reality applications, freeing the designer from having to know all the details of the individual technologies, and to use PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant)  as interaction devices. The interfaces generated are simple and intuitive, and can be used even by untrained users to interact with a distributed virtual environment. This solution requires no programming knowledge from the GUI designer.

This tool proposes a simple approach to GUIs. Instead of the usual set of widgets present in most GUI APIs, an image is used. The designer then defines hot spot areas on this image, which can be associated to events of the application. A complex GUI, with alphanumeric fields, menus, etc., reduces the feeling of immersion, since the user has to concentrate on the device instead of on the application.


gEditor Interface

The application generated using gEditor communicates transparently with the cluster, via any underlying network system, which processes the events and maintains the synchrony of the rendered images in real-time. Moreover, the interface and its configuration can be changed at run-time. The use of Java by this application allows it be executed on many different operational systems (Windows, Linux, Windows CE, IRIX) and platforms.

The use of asynchronous messages guarantees that the other nodes do not suffer a performance loss, even when slow platforms, such as PDAs, are used. The PDA node can be initialized or shut down at any moment, and the application will keep running. This is useful to have several PDAs running simultaneously for instance, each PDA may be controlling a different vehicle of a simulator.

PDA is a cluster node The application in a PDA
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