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Glass is a general purpose distributed computing library, but we have used it extensively in distributed computer graphic applications. In this section you will find pictures of applications that use Glass.


Celestia is a very cool astronomic application. Marcelo de Paiva Guimarăes used Glass to port it to run on clusters.

Video of Celestia running at a five-sided CAVETM.

[ low - 19.800kb ]
[ high - 40.700kb ]

Images of Celestia running at the five-sided CAVETM


Here's Paiva testing the voice recognition. Notice ISS and the big Earth.

Earth and tons of constellations.

Mars. You can notice the CAVE corner very well from this perspective

Earth passing by.

Two frames exposion. Notice the perfect data and frame lock.

You can see the constellations marked on the background.

Testing the PDAs. They work.



A nice arcade-like flight simulator, again ported to run on a cluster with Glass. Thanks to Thiago Yutaka Kaneshiro for porting it.

You can control the plane with a VR glove.

Paiva is ready to crash the plane.

Close-up of the glove.


Another plane.

Trying a close pass.

That one is mine!


Victor Henrique Pecora Gomes ported OpenSceneGraph to run on clusters using Glass. You can see in the picture that a 6DOF tracker is being used to navigate. Here are the shots.

Sibenik Cathedral

Marko Dabrovic modeled this Cathedral and was kind enough to release the 3D model on the net. Here's it being rendered in real time.

GL Excess

GL Excess is a fantastic OpenGL demo. Here's a shot of one of its scenes running on the CAVE.


Here are pictures of Celestia running on a two-projector wall at a congress of the SBPC (Sociedade Brasileira para o Progresso da Ciência) at Cuiabá, Brazil, in July 2004.

A big, beatiful Earth.

The Moon.


Perspective view of the wall.


The Sun.

libGlass in Mac OS X

Lucas Peetz Dulley has ported libGlass to OS X. He generated two screenshots to prove his claims:

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